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How I can help

Although nutritional therapy is a food-based support system, it is important to understand that consultations may involve more than just dietary alterations.

Yes, the core of the advice involves nutritional support and adaptations, but it may also include lifestyle modifications, supplemental suggestions and possible functional testing. Together these work synergistically to provide the best care and ultimately the best results for you.

The process:

Here is a run-through of the process:


You can book directly via my website, but I recommend using the free discovery call first. This will help us to discuss which plan will best suit your needs. After booking, you will receive a comprehensive health questionnaire and food diary, which I request are completed and sent back to me at least 7 days prior to the initial consultation to help me prepare. Please be aware that all the consultations will be held online.

Initial consultation:

These consultations last approximately 90 minutes. During this time we discuss your current health concerns, symptoms, medical history, current supplements or medications and lifestyle. We will run through some achievable changes and then you will receive the finished protocol a few days after the session.


These consultations last for 30-45 minutes and allow us to discuss your progress or challenges. The protocol will be adapted to suit your needs at that time. They are usually held every other week, however we can leave longer gaps or bring them closer together depending on what you need.

What plans do I offer?


A 6-week plan: Perfect for people with overall good health wanting a few tweaks or tips to improve their diet and lifestyle habits.

This includes:

An initial consultation for 90 minutes
2 follow-up sessions, each 30-45 minutes


A 3-month plan: Beneficial in helping you find relief from more complex or ongoing issues by uncovering potential causes and drivers.

This includes:

An initial consultation for 90 minutes
5 follow-up sessions, each 30-45 minutes


A 6-month plan: This is best suited to chronic conditions, as we really get to the root of your concerns so that you can overcome the symptoms you have suffered with for so long.

This includes:

An initial consultation for 90 minutes
8 follow-up sessions, each 30-45 minutes

All consultations are currently being held online

Additional follow-ups can be added at extra cost (contact me for more information).

Included in all plans:
  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment
  • A personalised detailed nutrition and lifestyle protocol designed with you in mind, which is adapted to your needs as we move through the plan
  • Email support in between sessions
  • Supplement protocol which compliments the nutrition protocol (not mandatory to purchase)
  • Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation
  • Access to my practitioner discount on high quality supplements
  • Recommendations for functional testing, which is optional (cost is additional to the above plans) and result interpretation
  • Recommendations for GP tests and interpretation of the results. Sometimes I may suggest a private functional test in place of a GP test if the occasion arises where the GP cannot carry them out
  • Informative handouts which complement the protocol suggestions for you to refer to at a convenient time for you

I understand how difficult it can be to implement lots of changes in one go, therefore I always recommend a step-by-step approach to implementing the suggestions on the protocols. This avoids feeling overwhelmed and will often mean you find sticking to the changes easier and more effective.

Additional information:

  • A deposit is required upon booking to secure your chosen plan (discussed in terms of engagement document sent upon booking).
  • The remaining amount is spread out over the course of whichever plan you opt for. This makes the cost much more manageable but if you would like to pay in full then that can be arranged.

Payment plans are a big commitment, so if committing to a plan currently isn’t suitable for you then get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss one-off consultations.

I offer a free 20-minute discovery call

This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and to talk through your health concerns to see how I can help before committing to a consultation.

Organise my discovery call  

Here's what people say about their experience

I saw Kerry in clinic last year where she greatly helped me with my gut/stomach issues after I had so many years with no joy from my GP. Her advice and guidance on nutrition was greatly received and the nutritional programme was a delight for me to follow. There was no pressure to address every suggestion but to follow what I could in small blocks. Kerry’s listening about my stomach issues was just the start and the positive advice right from the first visit made me feel at ease, this was important to me as some personal information is shared. I use Kerry’s advice every day and it’s had a massive impact on my everyday living. I’m so very grateful. T.B.

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