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About me


I’m Kerry, a registered Nutritional Therapist practising in Manchester.

My own interests in health and nutrition began back in 2013 when I was 23, at a time when I was so completely fed up of feeling rubbish constantly. In 2008, I started to suffer with terrible abdominal pains which became more and more frequent with each passing day. Eventually, I was unable to eat or sleep because of the pains and lost a lot of weight. NHS investigations found that I had gall stones and pancreatitis; I needed surgery soon!

The NHS did a wonderful job and patched me up until I was well enough to go home, and I thought I’d be fit and healthy again! But the 5 years that followed the surgery consisted of further digestive problems such as IBS, gastritis and severe PMS. In the end, conventional medicine alone just wasn’t cutting it for me (that’s not to say what a great tool it is) and I was truly sick of being sick.

2013 arrived and was the year I discovered the power of nutritional therapy. I implemented a lot of advice from my nutritional therapist at the time and I began to feel relief from all of the symptoms and ailments I had suffered with constantly. I was in awe of how different I felt and subsequently signed up to The College of Naturopathic Medicine where I studied for 3 years and gained a diploma in nutritional therapy. I feel that the combination of my experiences and training allow me to approach health and wellness from both a deeply personal and professional point of view.

Do I Have an Area of Interest?

As you can tell, this really is personal for me!

My experiences have led to a keen interest in supporting clients’ digestive health, post-gall bladder surgery support and PMS support, however I of course still take pride in working with a wide range of other conditions and symptoms too.

I understand the power nutritional therapy can have on health, whether it’s chronic on-going conditions or simply niggly symptoms that stop you feeling like you, and I’m passionate about helping others learn how nutritional therapy can influence health and wellness.

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Here's what people say about their experience

I saw Kerry in clinic last year where she greatly helped me with my gut/stomach issues after I had so many years with no joy from my GP. Her advice and guidance on nutrition was greatly received and the nutritional programme was a delight for me to follow. There was no pressure to address every suggestion but to follow what I could in small blocks. Kerry’s listening about my stomach issues was just the start and the positive advice right from the first visit made me feel at ease, this was important to me as some personal information is shared. I use Kerry’s advice every day and it’s had a massive impact on my everyday living. I’m so very grateful. T.B.

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